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Community Support

Participating members of the SK Coalition that share our concerns, objectives, and love of Siesta Key’s character are listed on this page. As the public process unfolds we will then proceed with a professional, well-organized, and well-coordinated voice. Not as individualized neighbors with narrow self-interests, but as a group that supports economic growth and development that is consistent with the character of SK and compliant with the protections against too much “density and intensity” provided by the Siesta Key Overlay District, the Future Land Use Plan for the Barrier Islands, and existing development codes.

Ways To Help

We are a growing grass-roots volunteer effort advocating that all hotel development on Siesta Key conform to existing barrier island protections and regulations. We need your voice. Below are some ways you can help. 

If you are part of a Siesta Key residential neighborhood, condominium community, or community organization, please speak with your neighbors and connect us with your Board or HOA leadership. The Coalition’s ability to influence events will be greatly enhanced if the majority of the Associations on the Key would lend their support, in the form of a letter to the Chair, Mark Spiegel at

The Siesta Key Coalition leadership has formed a 501(c)(4) organization to challenge these developments. We have engaged the services of legal counsel, and are in discussions with other consultants, to help us prepare effectively for presentations to the County Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).


We anticipate that our expenses could reach the $100,000 range over the next year. None of the money contributed to this cause will be spent on anything except expenses incurred in the effort to prevent the overdevelopment of our island. If retaining the unique nature of Siesta Key, as we now know it is important to you, we ask that you consider making a donation to the Siesta Key Coalition, Inc.

Plant a Sign – Save an Island

The Siesta Key Coalition is in the process of raising money to cover the cost of hiring legal counsel and a consultant, to prepare for hearings with County Leaders on the four large-scale hotels proposed for development on Siesta Key.


As part of our plan to inform area residents, and solicit donations to the cause, we are planning to distribute yard signs that say “STOP HIGH-DENSITY HOTELS” and include the Coalition Website address.


If you are willing to plant one or more signs on your private or condominium property, please let us know at Starting Thursday, April 15th, you will be able to pick up signs at one of the two Davidson’s Drug Stores on Siesta Key, located on Ocean Blvd. and Midnight Pass Road. 

When installing the signs, be careful to stay off County or State property, and orient them so that passing drivers can read them with minimum distraction.

Stop High Density Hotels Sign

Thank you for supporting our initiative to preserve the unique character, environment, and quality of life on Siesta Key.

Community Support Groups

The following organizations and communities have either received association board approval to join our Siesta Key Coalition, or a large majority of the homeowners have expressed their support and designated a representative:  In addition to Siesta Key Association, the Siesta Key Condominium Council, and the Corner Properties of Midnight Pass Committee, a total of 60 Associations, representing nearly 5,400 households **, have joined the Coalition Community Support Group.

  • 222 Beach Road Owners Assoc. (10)

  • 228-230 Beach Road Condominium (4)

  • Anchorage Condominium (98)

  • Bay Tree Club (120)

  • Beach Road Condominium Assoc. (3)

  • Beach Terrace Condominium (71)

  • Beach Haven Association (59)

  • Beach Way Condo. Assoc. (46)

  • Beach Villas at Oasis (12)

  • Blind Pass Road (17)

  • Casa Blanca (88)

  • Casa Mar (74)

  • Casarina Condominium Assoc. (89)

  • Cocoanut Bayou Association (50)

  • Crescent Royale Condo. Assoc. (101)

  • Crescent Siesta Key Condo Assoc. (26)

  • Crystal Sands (153)

  • Dolphin Bay (50)

  • El Presidente (48)

  • Excelsior (166)

  • Fisherman’s Cove (84)

  • Gulf and Bay Club Assoc. (392)

  • Gulf and Bay Bayside (101)

  • Gulf Haven Association (51)

  • Island Reef Condominiums (173)

  • Harbor Towers Owners Association (211)

  • Horizons West Condominium (135)

  • Island House Association (73)

  • Jamaica Royale (152)

  • Mangrove Association (26)

  • Marina Del Sol Assoc. (38)

  • Midnight Cove Association (142)

  • Midnight Cove II Assoc. (146)

  • Palm Bay Club (206)

  • Palm Island Assoc.  (150)

  • Peacock Road Neighborhood Group (22)

  • Royal Palm Harbor HOA (23)

  • Sanderling Club (67)

  • Sandy Hook (41)

  • Sara Sea Condominium (12)

  • Sea Club II (42)

  • Siesta Harbor (166)

  • Siesta Breakers (79)

  • Siesta Dunes Condo Assoc. (160)

  • Siesta Isles Association (298)

  • Siesta Key Villas (4)

  • Siesta Royale Apartments (58)

  • Siesta Towers Condominium Assoc. (63)

  • Siesta Town House (20)

  • Somerset Cay Condominium Assoc. (17)

  • Sunrise Cove (155)

  • Sunset Point Association (4)

  • Terrace East Condominium (46)

  • The Pointe Condominium Assoc. (122)

  • Tiffany Sands (45)

  • Tortuga Club Condominium (77)

  • Turtle Bay (82)

  • Vista Hermosa (89)

  • Waterside East Neighborhood Assoc. (57)

  • Whispering Sands Board (267)

** The numbers in parentheses represent the numbers of households represented by each organization. Many of these households/organizations are also members of the Siesta Key Association and/or the Siesta Key Condominium Council.

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